Sotta Sopra

I have a love hate relationship with restaurant week, but never with Sotta Sopra. They never disappoint. IMG_3058

We started with a bottle of wine; you’ll find it shocking that we picked a Pinot Noir.  The bottle has a beautiful red stone on it, if you pick your wine based on how the bottle looks – like I usually do.  Quite charming.  It was a great choice for our meal – fruity and velvety, meshing well with each of our three courses.
We took a while to plan our courses.  My friends are so great, we went a little more family style and had to make sure not to repeat.

We started with the calamari, burrata and goat cheese salad.IMG_3056 The goat cheese was fried into little balls.  I never think goat cheese can get any better, then they fry it.  What?  The salad is an arugula salad with roasted baby beets – gold and red.  Then chef tops it with shaved fennel and a tangerine vinaigrette.  The calamari was quite tasty – fried with two dipping sauces – a garlic aioli and a spicy marinara.  It is going to sound crazy, seeing as though my first course was beets and goat cheese – but I might go so far as to say that the burrata was my favorite.  The Finocchiona was outrageous – it’s a thinly sliced Tuscan sausage flavored with fennel.  Burrata is becoming my favorite soft cheese – made with mozzarella and cream, so you can spread it on the bread (or in this case the salami) just like butter.  I am so glad my friends like to share.

IMG_3057For the second course, I went with my favorite thing on the menu. In fact, I love it so much, I write about it any chance I get: the Ravioloni di Zucca con Salsiccia.  I am not sure why they called them raviolonis, because they were still those little sacchetti purse like filled pastas.  This is definitely super heavy.  I’d be shocked if you could finish it.  Once again, I thank my friends for both helping me and ordering a much lighter pasta dish.  We also shared the Gnocchi Di Ricotta – gorgeous gnocchi with a little butter and sage and then served in their house made fresh tomato sauce.  Super light, super tasty.  Lastly – we tried the Francobollidi Ricotta e Spinaci.  The ravioli were certainly heavy on the spinach, but also quite light and flavorful.

Oh, there was dessert.  It was great.  Actually, the chocolate cake makes me like chocolate cake.

I recommend this place any day and all days – especially for restaurant week.  Get a group together and order one of everything.

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