Only one thing surprised me about AGGIO; this place was empty on a Friday night.  That doesn’t make any sense – this place is great – food, ambiance and service – each get all the stars. IMG_2802

We had Ezra as our server; he was pleasant attentive, not at all overbearing, and in fact a little funny.  He also introduced us to the somm Chris.  He didn’t spend that much time talking to us about wine because we knew that we wanted a medium to full bodied Pinot Noir. That man really knows his wines, and even though they only have Italian wines, but found us a perfect and beautiful Pinot Nero – Abbazia Di Novacella.  I loved this wine.  It was balanced with some fruity notes and an incredibly smooth finish, so it worked well with all of our dishes And bottles is totally the way to go at this place – it opens up so many affordable wine options.
There were three of us on this night.  We like each other, so we did a lot of sharing.  Three antipasti (appetizer-like plates) and three primi (small pasta dishes).  They offered us a pre-fixed for all the courses, but I left stuffed and we didn’t even have main courses.

We had trouble deciding.  Thank goodness they brought us adorable little funnel cake style appetizers made with parmesan cheese.  It saved me from the HANGRY state while I made menu choices.  I kind of wanted one of everything, but the table narrowed it down to 3 starters.  IMG_2805

These are in no way in order of my favorite.  In fact, please don’t ask me to name my favorite.  I don’t wanna. I can’t…  I won’t…


The Sea Scallops:  two large perfectly seared to a golden crisp and served with crispy, salty, fatty pork belly.  I loved the addition of the tart Meyer lemon segment and toothsome wilted spinach.  I still to this day can’t be sure what the yummy yellow creamy dots were.  I am still thinking about how well that lemon elevated all the flavors.

The Burrata:  This creamy mozzarella cheese comes on crostini and topped with sweet poached seckle pears and salty prosciutto.  My favorite part of this was the sweet onion marmalade.  This was sensational.  If I remember correctly, I wanted to lick the plate.  I will say, and this has nothing to do with how tasty it was, this was not the most inventive dish.


The Charred Octopus: Look at this gorgeous plate.  I almost didn’t want to eat it, it was so pretty.  Huge pieces of charred octopus sitting on top of fregola – a small Israeli couscous sized pasta – mixed with smoked raisins.  I think the sauces were a hazelnut and raisin puree.  Everything is then drizzled with agrumato.  Anyone know what that is?  Don’t worry, I had to ask; it’s a lemon-infused olive oil.


Oh, a post about the pasta will have to come later…

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