Ten Ten American Bistro

I loved the meal prepared by Chef John for the Yards Beer Dinner and have been back here for dinner and lunch 1000 times since.  I was honestly touched when i talked to Chef and he mentioned having read my original post.

For reals, though, let me tell you about the food.  I have had the beet salad – my favorite part is the beet puree – it comes with goat cheese and greens.  The short ribs are great. And so is the house made tagliatelle pasta. They make great Brussels Sprouts, usually fried and tossed with a seafood vinaigrette.

On this particular night – we had 10 people.  I have no idea how Chef managed to deliver 10 perfectly prepared meals all at the same time, but he did; i guess it didn’t hurt that there were several repeat dishes.  The Rockfish with butternut squash puree and brown butter cabbage slaw was the talk of the table.


I went with the salmon.  It was a perfect medium and glazed with a sweet but savory bourbon sauce.   The hash was almost as tasty as the protein; sweet potatoes, bacon and (because I asked oh, so very nicely, fried brussels instead of greens.  My friend also had the salmon with the greens as Chef designed it and couldn’t stop raving about it.  I know… I know… I should like greens and I would probably if I had them “cooked [insert your favorite way here]”.  I don’t.  I try.  I don’t.

We also had several orders of the Korean Tacos ordered as main courses. IMG_2814 Look at those cute little things.  The sweet and spicy Mongolian beef is in these tiny little crispy tortilla shells.  They top it with a smooth avocado puree and an asian style slaw of cabbage and onions.  Then each gets a little cilantro, sesame seed and a slice of jalapeño.  This is an appetizer, so it is much smaller than the salmon portion, but perfect for those who don’t want to eat a large portion late at night.  We always get an order of these at the table to share.

Oh one last thing.  I love the service in this place.  They always talk with you like they remember you and our server split the check 1000 different ways.  We were definitely that annoying table that is never ready to order and had a million questions and he couldn’t have been more gracious.

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