One-Eyed Mike’s

I like this place; a tavern style feel with old world charm.  Plus, since it’s on Bond Street it doesn’t get quite as packed as some other places in Fells.  They definitely attract locals with their Grand Marnier Club – you can buy a whole bottle and they shelve it for you with your name.


And of course, I love it when bartenders ask me my name as if it is just as important as me knowing their name.  You won’t see my name on one of those, but I might head back to One-Eyed Mike’s if I am out in Fell’s at closing time – everyone does a shot.

On this particular night, I was continuing with wine at this stop.  They have a great wine list though; I had a beautifully bodied Pinot Noir for $8 and my friend went with a Malbec.  And in case you want beer – they have decent bottle and draft choices.


I didn’t get food, but my friend thoroughly enjoyed her tacos – although I can’t believe their’s were better than Papi’s.

One-Eyed Mike's on Urbanspoon

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