I have written about this Remington coffee shop as one of my favs a while back.  They are still a winner, which is easy since they are using Counter Culture coffee.  I spend a bunch of evenings there planning with friends.  Even Barack Obama likes this place.

I stop in here when I can’t find parking at work and only have an hour or so to grab food and send some emails.  They make a great BLT – I usually add avocado.  I am especially a fan of a spot that offers multiple vegetarian options – especially the beet salad.


On this particular day, I opted for this gorgeous cappuccino with a shot of their homemade gingerbread syrup.  This is not the orange stuff you find at some other coffee shops, this is a homemade flavored sweetener that is the perfect winter time addition.  Can someone please explain to me how they combine milk and espresso to make this leaf???

Just be sure to finish your work before 11am as they turn off the wi-fi for the lunch time rush.  Cheers!

Charmington's on Urbanspoon

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