Papi’s Tacos

I love tacos.  I am convinced America loves tacos.  I am working very diligently to get Wit and Wisdom to add them to their menu – stay tuned.  It is an American Tavern after all.  IMG_2691There are a ton of great taco spots in this city – although, Papi’s will beat Barcocina any day, actually everyday. This is a small spot in Fells Point, but it is very charming with a large wooden bar and bar tables that fold out from the wall.  Bartender Eric took really great care of us – super friendly and welcomed us immediately. Plus, he walked us through the menu and gave us some suggestions – I’ll get to that later.
IMG_2695 We were starved so, we started with the Guacamole.  They do a little bit of a make it the table style in this humongous mortar.  I apologize for diving in before remembering to take the picture – haha. It was good.  I probably would have liked a little more lime and a little more salt, but it was quite satisfying.

I mean, let’s be real, we did finish it.IMG_2692

These guys have a full menu, with all of your favorite choices – enchiladas, burritos, etc.  Plus, they have a wall full of definitions for those of us who don’t know much in the Spanish culinary world. My friend ordered the plantains – amazing. They were thickly cut, and sautéed to a perfect golden brown with both a sweet, salty and fiery flavor. I can’t imagine not getting them every time we go in.

Now, onto the tacos. IMG_2694 Follow this simple check list to get the exact taco that you want. Step one includes two choices – authentic style and gringo style.  The authentic comes with cilantro, lime, onions and radishes.  The gringo has cheese, salsa, and sour cream.  We tried some both ways.
Next you choose your taco shell – we had all of ours on soft flour tortillas, but you can choose soft corn and also crunchy corn shells.

There are 10 choices for fillings, we chose lobster, short rib, chorizo, mahi, and chicken.
IMG_2697 This one pictured is the short rib gringo style on a flour tortilla. So good. The short rib was tender and super flavorful, and I liked the way the spicy meat matched with the cheese and sour cream. We also had the lobster with the authentic style. I believe my quote of the night was “can I get 105 more?” Turns out no – they only come in pairs… I couldn’t decide between 104 and 106, so we tried the chicken, chorizo, and fish tacos. I thought the chicken were great, and a perfect option if you are not particularly adventurous with your meat choices or hate seafood. I also liked the spicy chorizo. The sausage is taken out of the casings and is served more like a fiery ground beef. Perfect with the authentic style. The lime and radishes really rounded out each bite. The fish tacos were fine. I found the fish a little dry, although my friend said he has had better ones there. They were good enough, that I would consider trying them again, but they are clearly no match for the lobster tacos.

The post on the margaritas will have to wait…

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