W. C. Harlan

This place is hidden in Remington.  It is also tiny, but somehow manages to be stunningly charming and welcoming the moment you walk inside. IMG_2652 It’s off the beaten path a little, but that makes it even better: like it’s a neighborhood hot spot that only locals can find.  I think a friend of mine said it would be a great place for a date and I joked about how it would give you a glimpse into your date’s character. With the exception of the friendly greeting on a door, you might not even know it’s there.  Plus, there is nothing else close by.  Nothing. Nothing.

I really loved it here. It’s a little dark, with some serious mood lighting – look at that chandelier.  IMG_2653WC Harlan probably only seats about 20 or so, but it wasn’t super busy. We were able to snag a few seats at the bar. That is my favorite spot; you can watch the crafters do their thing and meet a ton of really nice folks. They do not have food here – but do have a cheese plate.  It seems to be quite popular, as I saw the folks bringing out large chunks of gorgeous cheese after cheese.  Lucky for us, there was an oyster pop up outside; we had plenty of food options.

On this particular night, they had more than the chalkboard full of drinks – they also had an oyster pairing. IMG_2654 From what I gather, most of the time, they just have the classics and then a cocktail of the day.  Although, if you are a regular and can name a previous cocktail of the day or your favorite house cocktail – they will make those too.

It was a dark and stormy night – just kidding – but it was cold outside, which made it a little hard for me to turn down the gin drink on the menu.

I needed a little warmth so I opted for the bourbon boozy apple cider.  This was fantastic, warming in the way only a warm bourbon drink can be.  It was perfectly spicy and stayed warm in that simple and understated glass mug.  The rosemary sprig was a nice touch.


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