Mount Washington Tavern

It is beyond me why people still go here – especially with Nickel and Ethel’s right around the corner.  I only find myself here, when someone else makes the plan and it isn’t up for discussion.  I don’t even like happy hour here.  Sometimes, I worry that I am a little too judgmental, but based on my most recent experience, which was just like every other experience, I am not.

First off, they don’t do brunch on a Saturday – what?  why?  They do tease you by putting a list of the items you can get for brunch that are not available.

Second, it doesn’t seem to matter how many people are in the restaurant or at the bar.  There will always a ton of staff members standing around and never the one that you need because apparently, only your server can bring you a refill, find you some silverware, or bring you any ketchup.

Third of all, as if terrible service isn’t enough, let’s talk about the food. It takes about a million years to come to the table – always. As if they line back there looks at your order, thinks about it for 5 minutes, and then decides to melt cheese on chips for your nachos.
All of these things would be tolerable if you were paying diner prices, but with prices for most items in the $10-$20 range, this place is so overrated.
To make matters worse, nothing has any seasoning. The crab dip tastes like cream cheese, despite the few chunks of lump crab meat on top. I don’t know what is giving it the orangish color, because I can’t taste the old bay.

I ordered the Devils on Horseback. They definitely look better than they tasted.  The jumbo Diver Sea Scallops were chewy and completely overcooked, which seems like it would be hard to do when they are pan-seared and wrapped in Prosciutto.  They then drizzled them with a meyer lemon beurre blanc. All you can taste is the greasy fattiness – no lemon acidity (until I squeezed the actual lemon) and not even a tiny bit of what should be a yummy gorgeous butter flavor.  Thank goodness they topped it with crispy, what they call Tavern frites, and I call fries from a freezer bag. (hint… sarcasm)

Dear all of my friends – stop going here immediately…

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