Shoo-Fly Underground

Toki Underground has popped up at Shoofly-Diner. IMG_2605 It’s first come, first serve at the counter seats downstairs.  It’s still happening tonight and tomorrow. Get there. Shoo-Fly was a perfect spot for these guys.  They set up by in the “basement” which is designed to develop some community style dining.  It was a little tight, but we were able to watch this guy make oodles and oodles of noodles.  I was able to chat with the noodle guy for the entire night – and everyone knows how much I like to talk to the folks behind the bar.  I’m not the only who would loved this dinner – check out this guy’s “noodle poetry“.

Toki-Underground didn’t bring everything from DC up to Baltimore, but they did have some first-rate menu choices and outstanding drinks.  We may have ordered just about one of each.  IMG_2606It was a tough sell between the curry noodles with beef tongue and the noodles in broth with smoked pork.  Since we couldn’t decide, we started with the fried pork nuggets.  The pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender, but still had a crispy fried crunch.  Chef topped it with tons of fresh herbs and a drizzle of a thin sweet hoisin style sauce.

Since, I am not a huge fan of curry and IMG_2608 the server couldn’t stop raving about the noodles in broth, our decision was made. These were hand cut noodles – see pic of noodle guy above – in an incredibly flavorful, rich broth.  These aren’t your $1 ramen noodles from grocery store. They are thick, but incredible tender and tasty. That broth was probably simmering for at least 24 hours. So much flavor. There were pickled vegetables, a fresh herb salad, ginger, a little lemon and a nice shot of spice from a chili-oil floater.

We added on the Smoked Tuna Onigiri. IMG_2609 My only complaint about this was that I didn’t know how to eat this fancy triangle-shaped rice ball. We spread out the rice onto the seaweed and then rolled it a little so it was easier to split in threes. Although, we probably should have just ripped apart the nori.  The pickled veggies complemented the smokey fish and the rice was perfect – sticky, but not at all gummy.

The best part about this night was that dessert was on Toki Underground. These adorable pastries that they stuffed with a pop corn pastry cream. What?!?

Toki Underground on Urbanspoon

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