It’s not often that I leave Charm City, but we do have a dear friend who runs the bar. He has wanted us to come visit; when you split an Uber from the City, it’s actually not too pricey and safe for everyone.
IMG_2564LOOK at all of these delectable specialty cocktails.  There is a perfectly dirty martini for the birthday girl, and two Moscow mules – made with a Fresno chili syrup.  I had the “Hay Ride” in that charming champagne coupe glass. They take vodka infuse it with roasted corn, then mix it with the pumpkin from their farm pumpkin. It’s shaken with a little citrus and allspice. It’s like fall in a glass.
Side note for Justin – it needs a garnish :-), only because it looks so sad next to everything else.

After our first round of cocktails, we ordered basically one of everything on the menu.  Starting with three apps.  Unfortunately, the pictures does not do them justice.  IMG_2572Butternut Squash Toast – roasted butternut squash that was tender and caramelized with onions, and topping a toasted crustini with a little ricotta cheese and mint.  So many flavors melding together.   Same goes for the Cauliflower Steak.  I might go back just for this – oh and the scallops – but that will come later.  Chef slices the head of cauliflower into thick slices, roasts it, and places it on a greek yogurt sauce with a little horseradish and gremolata. The whole thing is then topped with crunchy and buttery sourdough croutons and a little more of that Fresno chili.  The butternut squash toast and the cauliflower steak beats the cheese plate HANDS DOWN – nothing special, like you can get at other places in the city.

Since Justin can make amazing cocktails with things like grapefruit infused tequila (don’t believe me?  skip to the last picture..) and apple infused vodka, we needed more food.  That vodka made for surprisingly delicious (and sweet) take on the Moscow mule with apple cider and cinnamon flavors.

I couldn’t decide between the flatbread and scallops.  I got both.  I should have went with the scallops.  I got the Tasso ham flatbread, which was super good, but heavy with the cream sauce, ham, and brussels. IMG_2575Next time, it is scallops, maybe scallops time two or three or four?  These are sea scallops from Maine.  Chef sears them to a gorgeous caramelized brown color and then floats them on more of that roasted cauliflower – only as a puree.  The tops the whole thing with butter poached leeks, more cauliflower and bbq spiced cornbread crumbles.  I think they drizzle some buttermilk on top as if it wasn’t decadent enough.  Holy crap.  My mouth is watering as I write this.

My other friends had the hanger steak with fries and brussels and the spinach, feta and olive flatbread.  Both lovely and both plates cleaned.

The other star of the night was the Bronzini.  There was debate between the bronzini and the rockfish.IMG_2576  FYI – bronzini wins.  The entire fish is grilled and plated with brown butter cabbage and a Meyer lemon purée.  The lemon puree really brings out the sweetness of the red snapper like fish.  It is a little intimidating to see the entire fish, but the meat just flakes off the bone and is so incredibly flavorful.  Chef takes it to a whole new level with the schmear of black olive oil, and crushed hazelnuts with brown butter powder.  Outrageous.
Last, but not least – we had a couple of desserts.  The sundae was a perfect ending, but this birthday cake with the candle made us feel right at home.
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