I did not know that Fleming’s has a “later happy hour”. In fact, I didn’t really know IMG_2554until I just clicked to get the link to write this post. We sat at the bar after having a few drinks celebrating my friend’s birthday.  They had great wines on their happy hour menu.  I love their iPad wine list that lets you do all sorts of choosing. You can narrow down by taste or grape.  I went with fruit forward (Pinot Noir of course…).  The bar wasn’t crowded, but the bartenders were quite busy.
The couple next to us complained about the service.  I cannot complain for a second. IMG_2556
Kristi – who was waiting on her own set of tables – saw us, heard us say we were hungry and brought us bread in about three and half seconds. It’s warm and has two different dipping butter/sauces.  Then we asked her for some suggestions – I don’t think any of us actually looked at the menu. She would fit in right with us because we were pleased with everything she suggested.

We started with the calamari. The chef breads it ever so slightly and tosses it with a sweet chili sauce. It went perfectly with our Chipotle Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese, which had a nice kick. The spicy peppers did not overwhelm the creamy cheesy sauce for the pasta. We are on a mac-n-cheese roll lately.

We also split their filet mignon flatbread, which I think is only on the bar menu. IMG_2557 I now understand why folks come here for steak. Perfectly tender pieces of filet from the regular menu on a crispy flat bread with a mix of blue and Monterey Jack cheeses. The red onion confit as a nice sweet taste and texture contrast. Incredible!

To top it off, they gave us a box of chocolates for my friend’s birthday with four wonderfully rich truffles inside.

I don’t love chains.  I like to believe that there is a reason to support local businesses.  That being said – I spend most of time at a national hotel chain – so maybe I am a hypocrite – I have a friend, Arely, who might agree.  Either way, most of the restaurants in the hotels have locally inspired chefs who can deviate from the corporate recipe.

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