Zella’s Pizzeria

Zella’s is a great spot if you want something substantial for lunch.  It is across the street from Hollin’s Market, which also has great lunch vendors as well – including my favorite salad spot.  They do deliver if you find yourself on the west side.  I usually call ahead for pick up, but on this day, I popped in and had my sammich in under 10 minutes.  The slogan – which is a little hard to read on the door – is clever:  “a pizza worth raven about”.  It’s true – they make great pizza.

I went with one of their sandwiches: the “Druidzilla’s Chicken”. The bread is similar to a pizza crust – kind of soft with a perfect amount of crisp crunch.  They take fresh grilled chicken breast chunks and smother it with mozzarella cheese.  The sandwich is then topped with roasted red peppers, raw red onions.  Then they add a little tomato sauce that has a slight spicy kick.  Lastly, the sandwich is dressed with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  (I honestly should pay more attention, because I probably could have done without the mayo.)

Each of their sandwiches are served with fries.  I knew I was travelling, so I went with a side salad, plus, I love their house dressing – a creamy lemon thyme. IMG_2531.JPG The Zella’s side salad is mixed baby greens, sliced tomatoes, red onions, and artichokes. The best part is that they serve it with two slices of of garlic bread – which is basically pizza without the red sauce. My favorite! This is so much food. I couldn’t finish it; I gave my other half the sandwich away. And, even with a nice tip – It was only $10.

Zella's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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