B&O American Brasserie

What is a girl to do with so many choices for brunch? Thank goodness places have added Saturday to the list.  B&O is one of my favorite restaurants and I had a hard time narrowing down the menu.
IMG_2469I ended up with this gorgeous flatbread.  B&O has a brick oven, they use it to add extra flavor to a ton dishes.  This is basically a pizza with some sharp cheddar and topped it all with a perfectly cooked sunny side up.  They use a salsa verde for the “sauce” which adds a nice spice to the entire dish.  The fresh peppery jalepeño also highlights the sweetness of the fresh cherry tomato.  The house made sausage adds a toothsome touch – but not a ton of flavor.  Although, I think you could make it vegetarian without it and probably still enjoy this dish.

My family – both are vegetarians – went with the healthy benny.  IMG_2468Although, my sister said “I’m not that healthy, I want the breakfast potatoes”.   This scrumptious dish had a honey wheat english muffin and perfectly poached egg – the whites were cooked, and the yoke still slightly runny.  Instead of the classic meat, they added avocado, tomato and glorious creamy goat cheese.  The chef also puts the bearnaise on the side and tops the dish with a few charming basil leaves.

And, because I can’t go anywhere without trying the grits –IMG_2467 I went with a side order of cheesy grits.  The chef mixes the cheddar in through the entire bowl, even on the bottom.  These were good – not my favorite – but definitely worth trying.  I thought they could use a little salt.
Oh, wait… One more thing…In case you missed it, I think these guys have the best brussels in the city.  If your nice to the bartenders, they might make them for you, even though they aren’t on the brunch menu.  Jay hooked us up and everyone was pleasantly surprised – brought the brussels to the chef and he worked his magic.
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