La Petite Grocery: NO, LA

I was riding solo for brunch on this particular Sunday.  I was dying to try their blue crab beignets. IMG_2396 I must admit, I love this fried dough trend of this beautiful city.  There is a reason the chef earned a spot on Top Chef and that these are one of their top sellers.  They give you five super light and fluffy golf ball sized beignets.  The crab stuffing inside is so creamy it’s almost a crabby béchamel sauce, except for the chunks of blue crab.  The chives and creamy cheese added a great rounded flavor and a perfect amount of saltiness.  And that little ramekin has a malt vinegar aoili.  The tanginess complementing the sweet fried crab flawlessly.

I certainly didn’t need to keep eating too much.  I wanted to try a few more of their apps and entrées, but I was stuffed.  I simply went with grits and two fried eggs.  These were my favorite grits in New Orleans – stone ground with some butter and chives.  Yum.  The eggs were fresh and perfectly over medium.

Thank goodness for this reservation; I love love love the Garden District.  Get there during your trip – even if you spend all of your evenings on Bourbon Street.

La Petite Grocery on Urbanspoon

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