Cafe Du Monde: NO, LA

If any of you have been to New Orleans or read or watched a movie or listened to anyone talk about NOLA, you knew this post was coming.

This place might be intimidating for folks who don’t know how to stalk a table and hip check people out-of-the-way without doing the plate of powdered sugar that is still sitting on the table into your lap. Okay, so it’s not that hard, but if you are expecting someone to escort you to a clean table, you will be waiting for days.

The menu is quite extensive. Just kidding. Basically, how many beignets do you want – the come plates of three. You have a little more freedom with your became choice – when you choose from regular or decaf coffee (made with chicory) that can come hot, iced or frozen. They also have chocolate milk.


None of that matters when the beignets arrive. Do not split an order; you cannot eat just one of these deep-fried balls of doughy goodness. You also cannot avoid getting powdered sugar everywhere.  These are thicker than most donut style fried food, rather than melt in your mouth airiness.  I think these were our favorites of New Orleans.  Maybe they do have the market covered.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Du Monde: NO, LA

  1. We’re big fans of Cafe Du Monde! It’s a must stop for a first visit to NOLA. Gotta love the strange “your wait staff pays at the register first and then YOU pay them” model. The beignets and chicory coffee are great, but if you want to get a way from the hectic tourist scene there, Cafe Beignet is a great alternate choice.


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