Four Seasons Food Truck

For as much as I like all my friends at Wit and Wisdom, I couldn’t wait for the Four Seasons Food Truck: Taste to hit our area.IMG_2346 We went for lunch on a cloudy Friday when the truck was outside the hotel.     I was a little late meeting my friends; which meant they waited in the super long line to order and then another long wait for the food to be ready.  I arrived just in time for them to call our number.  And since my friend was order 100, so she got a free drink and picked a berry iced tea.   This place was busy, and although I didn’t get food from Chef Zach Mills, we didn’t have much complaining about food from the Hotel Chef Oliver Beckert.

I went with this fantastic thinly shaved beef taco. IMG_2347 Tender charred pit beef with sweet carmelized onions wrapped in a tortilla and topped with a horseradish sauce and cilantro.  I love the freshness of cilantro and the horseradish added a perfect complement with the peppery spice.

We also split some of those old bay house made chips and a Kale Salad, which was actually my favorite dish of the day.  Kale was slightly wilted in the citrusy sweet pesto vinaigrette; the oranges, corn, and feta created contrasting flavors and textures – winner.  Maybe I do like Kale.

My friend went with this ginormous reuben burrito. IMG_2348 Combining all the classic ingredients – corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and 1000 island dip – in a spinach wrap that was then pressed and grilled.  She also got extra pickles – which were dill pickles.  Look at the size of those things.  I loved my first one.  But, I didn’t taste any dill; I only tasted salt.  So much salt, that I could barely eat a second one without going inside the hotel and get some water from the bar.

IMG_2349We had almost all the large plates.  My friend got the crab burger with a mango mayo and a mango and fennel slaw.  I could barely get two words out of her to describe it; very good, but that she couldn’t really taste the fennel.

Overall, great food truck – and I can’t wait for it to come back.  I wish I had gotten a chance to hit the truck late night when Zach was cooking his pork tacos.

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