Sofi’s Crepes

I am so glad I finally stopped at this spot; I am not sure why I have been denying that crepes can be a delicious lunch. Plus, the staff couldn’t be friendlier, which was exactly what I needed because my day had been annoying.

There are lots of locations, but I went to the one on Charles near the theater.  IMG_2317 These guys use all fresh ingredients, and make a lot of things in-house.  They also make each crepe to order – so they take a few moments when they are busy.

I had a hard time deciding as there are about 17 different savory crepes.  I kind of wanted the pulled pork one.  I almost ordered the chick pea and cilantro veggie one.  I eventually chose The Mozz. IMG_2318 It totally hit the spot. The crepes are warm and very thin and filled with the toppings and everything is folded all together in a nice little package.

The crepe pancakey part has a slight sweet taste but it did not overpower savory filling. This one was stuffed with tomatoes, soft milky mozzarella, tons of fresh basil.  I think it was the cracked pepper and olive oil that sold me. I shall be back to try that pulled pork one for sure.

Sofi's Crepes on Urbanspoon

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