I am not sure what I think of this place; it’s your classic Fed Hill spot.  Given that it is close to Cross Street, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to love it or hate it.  Drink wise – this place is quite disappointing if you want anything but tequila.  To be fair, tequila is in their name.

They are making some menu changes – but some of their staples are still on the menuIMG_2337 – we started with all the chips and all the dips.  It’s unusual that I enjoy all three of the dips.  They have their own homemade chips – crispy and a little salty.  I have no idea how I survived with the ones that come out of a bag; it is so easy to make your own. They make a decent guac with huge chunks of avocado.  I like a little more lime and cilantro, but theirs is solid.  The salsa is a basic red salsa – a little spicy and a little sweet, with a  lot of flavor.  The queso is probably the star – warm, cheesy and creamy.

For real food, we all went with tacos.  I thought about the pork and the avocado but was encouraged by the bartender to go with the fish or the steak.  The rest of the group was getting steak so I went with Cali Fish.  These were some good fish tacos.  I’d go back – they are better and way cheaper than Barcocina.  The fish tacos come with a fried white fish, topped with a pineapple and jicama slaw.  The cabbage adds an additional crunch.  They are also super generous with the avocado and cilantro – two of my favorite things.

I’m sure I’ll be back for some tacos and margaritas.

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