Atwaters Market Bakery

IMG_2287If you haven’t been to the market, you should stop in – there are tons of gourmet shops and a lot of local flare.   The square itself also has lots of stops like Greg’s Bagels, Shoofly Diner and Grand Cru.

I often stop in the Belvedere Market in North Baltimore to grab a few bags of Counter Culture coffee.  My favorite part is that they give you a complimentary cup when you buy a pound.  They have a bunch of fantastic small batch choices right now. IMG_2286I am currently drinking OLKE BIRRE – a variety of beans from small farmer in Ethiopia with flavors of lemonade, peach, and tangerine – might sound weird, but it is wildly smooth.

On this rainy day, I had run out of yogurt and needed a quick breakfast; I grabbed a muffin from the bakery.  They had a ton of choices – I wanted the sweet scone, the savory scone, each of the muffins and a few of the croissants.  I ended up with one of their lemon spiced muffins.  I found it slightly dry and crumbly, but I was eating it in my car. Nevertheless, the flavor was on point. It had great fall spice – the cinnamon, allspicey or cardamom flavors. But, instead of all that sweet sticking to the roof of our mouth you had the wonderfully contrasting tartness of lemon and lemon zest. Fantastic. I probably inhaled it and then chastised myself for considering the savory scone. I bet I’ll have a similar experience next time if I grab a different pastry. Everything was super appetizing. I also appreciate the multiple choices that aren’t super sweet.

Atwater's Belvedere Square on Urbanspoon

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