Le Garage

Finally!! I was counting down the 90 days till this spot, but then my life got in the way.  It was well worth the wait.  Le Garage: Beer Bar and Frites is tucked in the basement of the yoga studio in Hampden.  I love the way they have remodeled the space taking ownership for the basement feel and creating a wonderful vibe.  We sat in the bar – one of my favorite things to do – as you can chat and learn more about the food and drinks.  They are serving “approachable french cuisine” and of course beers as the name suggests – they have a little over 10 drafts that they will change appropriately. IMG_2245
If you take a glance at the menu – you can probably guess that we started with the Brussels Sprouts. These were spot on.  Chef Sarah fries them crispy, but still super tender.  They were smothered in a creamy, but slightly spicy Dijon mustard sauce.  And as per usual, these sprouts came with a little bacon.  I love the way the sweetness went with my slightly hoppy Stillwater beer.

We also had these yummy croquettes. IMG_2246 I think they were little balls of arugula and prosciutto.  I don’t think the picture does them justice.  These were small round mounds of deliciousness – with a spicy dipping sauce.  I liked them better than the brussels – mostly because it was more original and inventive.  Chef Sarah really knows what she is doing.

We also split the beet and walnut burger. IMG_2248 Luckily Chef was in the dining room and came over to chat with us and she could talk us through this outrageously flavorful veggie burger.  She blends some brown rice and lentils in the food processor and then mixes it with the chopped walnuts and shaved beets.  The base gives binds the whole thing together creating a wonderful burger like texture.  The beets have an earthiness giving the burger a hearty meaty quality to complement the texture.  I did not miss the beef with this burger one bit, although, I have heard wonderful things and the toppings were super enticing. Now, let’s talk about those fries, err… frites. They are thick cut, but definitely house made from potatoes. Ours were fried to a crisp golden brown and served with a fancy house made ketchup. We ordered a surprise dipping sauce, just to try one, since there are about 87 of them available. The bartender gave us the green goddess – it was a mix of all sorts of herbs with lemon. I liked the ketchup better.
Here is a tip for you guys – you can take a look at the dipping sauce menu upstairs and get any of them in the dining room.

We ended the night with and sweet s’mores dessert. IMG_2249 Chef Sarah said she snuck these on the menu when the pastry chef wasn’t looking – THANK GOODNESS! Three small profiteroles (small French style pastry dough shaped into a ball and stuffed. In this case, they were s’more style with Taharka Brothers honey gram ice cream which is quickly becoming my favorite.  She also adds a little marshmallow fluff – but not that stuff from the can – clearly real marshmallows melted and molten inside that pastry.  Lastly, look at that little drizzled dark chocolate.  S’mores remind me of my childhood, but they are perfect for any age.
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