Tapas Teatro

This is by far my favorite tapas place.   It only gets better on Tuesdays, when their pitchers of sangria with tons of fruit like apples and oranges are only $10.  Some of my friends make this a weekly thing…
I like the red best; the white is a little sweet for me, but refreshing in the summer.
They have tons of hot plates, cold plates, salads and dishes that the table can share. It’s perfect because everyone can usually find something they like and you can try all the little bites.  We have some definite favorites and then usually order off the special menu which changes with the seasons.

We generally start with the Plato de Espana – a platter of meats and cheeses – usually a blue cheese and a manchego.  This time we got two – and our adorable waitress switched it up – giving us a bunch of new cheeses we hadn’t tried – all fantastic. I still think the manchego was my favorite.

The Catalan Kale is also always at hit at our table. Kale salad is growing on me because of this dish. We sometimes order two of these. It is a warm salad and the kale is sautéed in olive oil, but still fresh and crisp. I enjoy the crunch and butteriness of the pine nuts and the contrasting texture and sweetness of the golden raisins.

My friends favorite is the Gambas Al Ajillo; wonderfully fresh shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and parsley. We added the capers and red peppers giving it a little spicy kick and additional flavor. This dish is served in a tiny little cast iron, so you have plenty of additional dipping sauce for that bread.

IMG_2285 We were looking to add a few additional dishes and our waitress confirmed that the lamb was the right choice when the group suggested it. It is one of the smaller portions – but because it is so rich and tender, we usually manage to make it work and everyone gets a taste. They grill these and serve it with a rhubarb barbecue sauce.  I like the sweet sauce with the gamey meat.  This is a good dish – not my favorite – but it didn’t last long on the table.

My favorite is the Espinacia y Crangrejo, which is sautéed spinach with tons of salty crab meat tossed in a sherry cream sauce. It is served hot and the sauce is perfect for dipping your bread. We scooped that up before I could take a picture!
IMG_2284 We had a ton of dishes; a great way to hit a tapas style place – there were 7 of us.  We had the chicken, potato croquettes, warm mushrooms from the specials menu, and the buttifara(sausage), and lots of bread and sangria.
We also never leave without at least one Teatro Sundae, although they have some fantastically chocolatey desserts – be sure to sub in the honey graham ice cream.
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