Baltimore’s Best Brussels Sprouts

I love Brussels Sprouts. I had no idea until a few years ago – where I first discovered their deliciousness at Wit and Wisdom (these guys deserve a nod, but they have been on and off the menu and prepared in all sorts of ways, some I liked better than others).  It doesn’t matter where I am, I order brussels sprouts almost every time they appear on the menu.  In fact, I have some in my fridge.  I am so excited it is fall, because they should be coming back on the menu at many of my favorite spots.

I like them at Maggie’s Farm, at Ten Ten, and at Wine Market Bistro, and will probably be begging my guys at the Four Seasons to get them on the menu asap…

B&O American Brasserie – These guys have my favorite Brussels Sprouts in Charm City. B&O American Brasserie on Urbanspoon For starters, they are served in a deep cast iron skillet – cast iron is associated with a  great nostalgia feeling for me.  They have a brick oven in this hidden spot – and the skillet goes right in the oven.  The roasted brussels are tossed with granny smith apples for a wonderful tart crunch and bacon lardons to round out the flavors and offer a little fatty saltiness.  Then chef mixes everything together with a spicy mustard creme.  If you like Brussels Sprouts and have not been to B&O, go now… and then be sure to finish with the donuts.

Birroteca and Nickel Taphouse both have great dishes.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone since they are owned by the same folks… Birroteca on UrbanspoonBut in terms of the sprouts, they are entirely different. Birroteca has a preparation on the classic side.  They are fried with a little bit of copa (their charcuterie is outrageous).  They top the plate with a little black garlic aioli.  Simple, clean and fantastic. The Nickel Taphouse on UrbanspoonNickel has a different take and make them buffalo styled.  They are fried!  Then the chef tosses chunks of blue cheese in with a spicy buttery buffalo sauce.  I think they drizzle a little more blue cheese on top.  YUM!

Golden West – these guys have a teriyaki style and were a favorite of mine for a long time. Golden West Café on Urbanspoon They are very simple – flash fried and tossed with a sticky sweet sauce.  They are crispy.  And although there is a lot of sauce, they do not get soggy.  In fact, its perfect for dipping.  They aren’t quite the same as the other places in terms of the toppings and creativeness.  But they are fantastic.

I am dying to try them at Mezze, Brewer’s Art, Rockets to Venus, and the Food Market.  Give me some more suggestions – these are my favorites.

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