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I am not a huge fan of chains – but when it comes to watching sports – especially not the local teams, they seem to be the best choice.  CJ over at World of Beer has been incredibly responsive and accommodating for my alumni group to watch our football.  They have a ton of large TVs and offer tons of games.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I can talk for days about football – but, this blog is about the food.  IMG_2226They have great happy hour specials – $1 off drafts and $5 food specials – including this ginormous pretzel with 5 choices of dipping sauces.   It’s a soft pretzel – soft bread with glazed and salted crispy crust.  I got the honey mustard and the spicy mustard and the beer cheese.  The honey mustard was by far my favorite.  The beer cheese was quite disappointing – it’s kind of nacho cheesy style – with some peppers – but it has absolutely no flavor – no spice, no cheese notes, no beer taste… Not sure why anyone would pay an extra $1.50 for it.  I will definitely order this again, as long as I have someone to share it with – this picture does not do the size of this pretzel justice.

That same beer cheese is the reason I also suggest you skip the tater tots.  Once again, not much flavor in the beer cheese, the sour cream is really not necessary and kind of unappetizing.  Plus the tater tots are so uninspired, the bacon and jalapeños (which are not pickled) don’t really make the dish any better.

Truth is – the food here is quite good – including this fantastic Pint of Bacon.  IMG_2227 It is exactly what it sounds like – a pint glass full of bacon. The folks here take thick cut bacon and cover it with brown sugar and spices so that it has a little bit of a crusty glaze. I like to add a little more sweetness and get a little maple syrup for a dipping sauce.  Plus, there is plenty to share with all of your friends.

I also really enjoyed these cute little sliders.  They are made with a bratwurst that is infused with Guiness beer and topped with Dijon mustard and caramelized peppers and onions.  IMG_2228 Plus, they have these tiny pretzel buns that are warmed and add just the perfect amount of sweetness to the sausage.  You can get these with tots as I did, or with a kale and apple cole slaw or garbanzo and edamame bean salad.  A few of my friends have tried the cole slaw and are big fans of the tangy and crispy apples combined with the small bites of kale.

IMG_2223There were also no complaints about any of the flat bread – we had the half portion on special. IMG_2224 Our group tried the Chipotle BBQ Chicken (shown here) and also the Margherita, which came with a perfectly nutty pesto.  In fact, there were many glowing recommendations for the mac and cheese and a few beer pairing suggestions.

As for the beer at this place – they have about 60 or so different draft beers.  They range in price and alcoholic beverage content – so please be careful.  They also change very regularly – the menu is printed daily, so you might not always be able to find the same beer week after week.

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