These guys are a regular stop on my friday nights in Harbor East.  I love the food and the service – although I seriously do miss Nora, but I am very happy she is moving on to bigger and better things.

I probably should branch out because I am always pleasantly surprised when I taste new dishes, but we always order the same thing.

We start with the chips and dips (guacamole and black bean humus with their home-made tortilla, plantain & yucca chips).  Well, that is after we each order a blood orange margarita – I like it fiery, but not everyone agrees – either way – still good.

Our other favorite is the Bistec.  Holy crap! They have this soft toasty bread that they call – Lavosh Crisps.  So the chef, takes seared steak and mix it with  caramelized onions, and sautéed cremini mushrooms. It basically quesadilla styled with some Jarlsberg swiss and served with that yummy orange “special sauce”.

Now, let’s get to the ceviche – there are six different styles and at least 10 different types of seafood (raw & cooked – so don’t be scared).  The styles have changed recently and they no longer have one of my favorites – the avocado and corn.  Hopefully they bring it back.  Luckily – they still have the fire and ice – I like it with scallops or tuna, but it also looks fancy in an oyster shell.  Basically they take fresh lime, scallion, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño & habanero peppers to marinate the seafood.  My favorite part is the bright pink topping – a housemade prickly pear granita – the ice to complement the fire….  The asian tartar is also so very good – kind of like a sushi roll with whatever seafood you pick wrapped with rice and nori with a fancy truffle wasabi.

They have great happy hour specials – several drinks and food specials.

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