Breathe Books & Cafe

IMG_2205Have you ever been here?  It’s a little hippy dippy for me.  They have a lot of Ayurveda books and promote a fair amount of eating based on your dosha – there are three kinds.  According to most folks, we are made up of all three, but tend to have one or two that are more dominate – “Vata is dry and moves fast. Pitta is fiery and hot; Kapha is earthy and slow”.  As much as I have become a member of the bikram yoga cult, I don’t really get into a lot of this stuff.  But, when I take a quiz to determine my dosha – I am Pitta through and through.  I haven’t changed my diet, because it asks me to stop eating all my favorites – COFFEE, spicy foods & honey.  I am supposed to eat more astringent or sweet foods… BLERG!  I imagine it will calm or quiet my “fieriness”, but then would I be me?

I liked this place ok – although the rumor is that they are closing or selling the business, so it might change.  It is all vegetarian and they have a ton of vegan and gluten free options.  I must say, for cafe style serving, they are not fast.  Actually, that is an understatement, they are slow.  My friend and I ordered together – one check – two of us wanting to eat brunch together.  it took about 5 minutes for them to pour our cup of coffee.  No, not from a french press or chemex, but the carafe of drip brewed coffee.  They also don’t really consider it a self serve bar, but do not have an option of creamer and sugar anywhere else.  So, have your coffee order ready including your favorite type of milk and the amount of sugar you want. IMG_2202
They have adorable outdoor seating – so we sat on the porch with a great view of the Avenue in Hampden. My friend’s Indian tofu scramble came out first – she ordered first, so no big deal.  It had great flavor, but the tofu wasn’t scrambled.  It was more cubes of tofu mixed with mushrooms and onions.  She liked it, and she ate most of it without much complaint.  Well, except that I still didn’t have my food.  She was completely done with her breakfast bowl, and I didn’t have my sammie.  I inquired – the three people working out front basically said the kitchen can only do one thing at a time, and that it was coming.

I went for the breakfast sandwich and added cheese and avocado. When I finally got it, it wasn’t quite the sandwich I was expecting – but it was fantastic. The egg and spinach scramble with mushrooms and onions.  I had no idea it was coming with all this – as the menu wasn’t quite clear.  I like mushrooms and they are great low fat choice for extra protein nutrients, so I was pleasantly surprised. IMG_2203
The avocado and cheddar was a perfect topping – adding sweetness and a little extra savory bites.  I really liked the spelt bread – crunchy but not hard, so it had a soft chewy middle. I was able to spoon some of the scramble on to the bread and kind of eat it like a taco.   I would have liked a little extra salt or even some butter for the bread, but needless to say I ate every single bite.  I would go back and get it again any day – I mean as long as I had an hour to wait and a coffee to drink.

Overall – food was decent, but the experience was certainly lacking.

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