La Cakerie

A friend of mine lives in the building right next to this place – and seems to always take forever to come down and let me in. La Cakerie was calling my name on this particular day.  I think the pastry chef who does the baking does it in Towson and opened the bakery when he won cup cake wars. IMG_2213 I am not exactly sure how or when he joined forces with this Mount Vernon Shop.

I got this lonely little chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake to go.  I asked the helpful clerk about it – it’s a vanilla cake with no egg in the batter, that is stuffed with uncooked cookie dough, and topped with cookie dough icing and a nugget of cookie.  Fantastic.  I liked the texture of the vanilla cake – I can’t bring myself to use that m-word… It was quite flavorful and was like combining chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and cake.  Hooray!!!  I could take or leave that dry crumbly – certainly not fresh-baked cookie on top – but I’d be up for trying one of there 12-15 flavors.

I’m not sure how I feel about this little shop.  I was thinking when I went in it would smell like freshly baked cupcakes.  You know, that sweet smell of sugar and butter melting and caramelizing.  But, alas… This place had a cold and uninviting feel.  I’ll try a few more cupcakes, but I certainly won’t spend much time in the cafe…

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