Waterfront Hotel

Contrary to what the name says, this place is not a hotel – it is a bar.  IMG_2209And they make some decent bar food.  I haven’t decided if the WTF Hotel logo is clever or lame; nevertheless it is everywhere.  These guys also do live music overnight starting at 10pm – their website and chalkboard inside lists the bands for the month.

I went on a Tuesday for Charm City Trivia (we came in 4th – not to shabby…).  They don’t seem to have trivia specials, but they do have a decent number of specials.  I chose the Washington Hills Sav Blanc from the two $5 choices.  It was fine – much sweeter than I like.  I eventually switched to the same winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was taco night – so I went with tacos.  I didn’t get the special ($2 per taco) – although it sounded great, it was a little more breakfasty than I was craving – chorizo and potato. IMG_2210 I went with the pork belly tacos.  Two  white corn tortillas wrapped around a large chunk of slow braised pork belly sitting on top of a bed of lime marinated cabbage.  They add a little sweetness with a house made mango bbq sauce and top the whole thing with some fried onions.  It usually comes with fries, but I have that love hate relationship with fries – so I got the salad instead.  Their house dressing is a slightly creamy citrus vinaigrette.  It was tangy, but sweet and the salad was a winner – mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.  I love it when a bar can make a decent salad.

My friends had the chicken cheesesteak and the burger, both with fries.  I think the black and blue burger one that battle.
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