Bonjour French Bakery

Holy Crap. I thank my friend for telling me this place exists.  I stopped in this cheery purple coffee and pastry shop early on a Monday morning. IMG_2208 The barista was super sweet with a calm quiet tone – something I much appreciate early in the morning. I didn’t ask for a fancy coffee, just an iced brew (come on folks, I am sure you are not surprised)…

It was brilliantly mild and smooth.  I didn’t add any sugar – just a little cream.  I can do a medium roast coffee without much additions, just most places give me a dark bitter roast.  Not Bonjour – these guys use coffee beans from Orinoco, a small, fair trade coffee roaster in Maryland.  I did get to see the barista’s handywork as she handed out a few beautiful coffee milk froth designed lattes.

I realized as I walked in that I forgot my yogurt for breakfast.  Luckily though, they have tons of choices.  Not my go to egg sammich, but lots of quiche and pastries.  I went with a sweet cheese croissant.  They have chocolate one and tons of sweet looking treats, but I like a little my breakfast a little more on the savory side.  I must admit, they claim to be French, but I have never been to France, so I have no complaints…

It was a perfect combo with my coffee.  What a great way to escape a Starbucks!!!
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