Baltimore’s Best Pizza

Pizza is so good. Who doesn’t like pizza??  Many places have pie options on their menu – so so many, I lost count as I was trying to recall…

At any rate, Here are my top three:

What can I say about Matthews that I haven’t already said here. IMG_1934
Glorious deep dish style pizza with a range of toppings.  I usually opt for tomato and green pepper. This is comfort pizza at its best. They only do eat in or take out – plus they love our environment and don’t use pizza boxes.  Go. Go. Right. Now. Their small is plenty for one and their large is the perfect amount to split between two people, when you are hungry.

Iggies – this little BYOB spot on Calvert in Mount Vernon  certainly does not get enough credit.  They do creative combinations, plus you can build your own. Iggie's Pizza on Urbanspoon These pizzas are a little on the small side and they do at thin thin crust. You will mostly likely want two if you are sharing. That usually works out; they will have at least three combos you will want to try. I suggest you try anything they have with the fresh veggies or herbs. I don’t know how they do it, but everything is always cooked perfectly so that you can taste each individual vegetable and a medley of their flavors.

Birroteca – once again, I have much more detail here, but I have loved every bite of every pizza I have tried, with the exception of the bland veggie pizza. Sorry veggies – and I am normally a fan.   These pizzas are large as Birroteca encourages family style dinning.  I can’t tell you what to choose, but if I could it would be the Duck, Duck, Goose. Done.

We are in such a foodie town and there are pizza’s all over this city. I can’t wait to try them all. Do not misunderstand me, I am a huge fan of Hersch’s, HomeSlyce, Toss, and Never on Sunday. I also still need to try town favorites …. Plus, I am still coveting that incredible square/rectangular to sheet pizza. Come on guys! Help a girl out.

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