Spro Coffee

I have a hard time with Hampden sometimes – their shops flip flop between trendy and exclusive vs homey and welcoming.  This coffee shop has gotten so many great reviews, that I had to stop in while I was running some errands.  It is a classy, sort of upscale coffee shop.  It was super warm in there, although it was int the high 80s outside, so that might have had something to do with.  Still, super warm, that I couldn’t even wait for my coffee inside.

To be fair, I was doing a little recovering from some friday night fun – so, I might have been a little extra salty.  I ordered an iced coffee and the only food they had that wasn’t super sweet was a savory bread pudding.  It took a few minutes to get my coffee and even longer (although, they warned me) for them to warm up my bread pudding.

The iced coffee didn’t really lend itself to me seeing any of the barista’s excellent skills making all the pretty drinks I have heard about, but it was delicious nonetheless.  This was a round, medium bodied coffee.  Still, not as good as Tribeca, but smooth without the bitter after taste that often happens with iced coffee.

The savory bread pudding was well worth the wait – chicken sausage, sharp cheddar cheese combined great with the crusty, yet custardy bread, creating a perfect spongy texture.  It was good.  It took so long, I had to take it to go, which made the last few bits and little cool and dry – but I would definitely order again.

I will be back in there for coffee, but only when I have a few extra moments.  The Common Ground is a lot faster and has a few more lunch choices.  Plus, they feel a little more like Hampden to me.  In fact, I might just head to any of these mentioned here
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