Victoria’s Gastro Pub

I once again found myself in Columbia (and I am still not a fan). I have had drinks at Victoria’s Gastro Pub a few times – they have an extensive beer list – and I mean about 20 or so draft beers that change regularly and several pages of bottled beer in many styles from tons of different countries.

I was hoping for a spot near the mall, as my friend an I were heading to the movies after dinner.

This spot is good.  Food is good.  Service is mediocre.

We started with the stuffed mushrooms, which were fine.  They were sold as chorizo and blue cheese stuffed, but seemed a little more crab and old bay stuffed.  Needless to say, they were edible.

I have heard that their burgers are good, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  IMG_2032My friend got the regular burger (but with no bun as she is gluten free).  She said it was juicy and flavorful and lived up to all the hype.  I think she chose a Vermont cheddar and mushrooms on top.  I don’t know – I think the bun generally makes the burger taste better, but she was more than pleased.  It came with paprika fries, which were also perfectly crispy and crunchy – thank goodness they were on her plate… French fries are my waistlines arch nemesis.

IMG_2031I ordered the American Dip = palatable.  The meat, cheese and the bun were all a little soft, so there wasn’t much texture.  I also like my meat a little on the pink side, and this was clearly stewed in onions all day (to be fair, i was warned about this). At least it was tender.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I finished it, but I would lean towards the burger next time.   As I am avoiding the french fries, I went with the side salad – which was basically baby greens with a LOT of dressing.

So, I’d stick with the beers and the burgers… they haven’t yet mastered everything else.  My favorite part was sitting outside – even if the view is simply of strip malls and streets named after trees.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Gastro Pub

  1. I went about 2 years ago with my friend who only eats chicken and it was a huge disappointment. They wouldn’t let her order a chicken dish off the children’s menu. She was stuck with some chicken skewers she hated and the service just wasn’t very good.


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