If you have been reading this blog, you know that I consider these guys to have one of the best burgers.  No, this isn’t a new spot for me, but I feel that they deserve a full review.  A group of friends and I went because we love burgers and I had a Groupon.  We managed to get a great deal on beers and burgers.  Even without the deal, their Monday nights have $2.50 bottled beer and $5 off 1lb patties – I don’t know who can eat an entire one pound burger… but shoot, then I had lunch for the next day.

I do have some favorites – which were almost picked by my friends without my rec (the Señor burger & the Frenchie burger).  I went for a new choice – The Elvis – which was a beef patty topped with peanut butter and bacon.  I know, I know… peanut butter on a burger?  Despite that it was a little messy, the sweet peanut butter and bacon went perfectly with the toothsome burger.  I am a huge fan of sweet when connected with savory.  I loved it… No one else at my table was willing to try it.

My friend ordered the Porky – which is tender, tasty pulled pork on top of the patty.  He seemed to enjoy it and I assume because he didn’t share he had no complaints.  My other friend went with the Western burger.  It sounded great, but she said it was a little too big to fit in her mouth – and meeting new people she didn’t dive in with the knife and fork.  Lastly, despite that it was burger night, my friend ordered a pizza.  They do a thin crust pizza.  Their pizza is good, not as good as their burgers, but I have yet to be disappointed.  My friend, however, was – although he ordered the buffalo chicken pizza which comes with, wait for it… buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and green onions.  He didn’t like; he also doesn’t really like sauces and this one had melty blue cheese – shocker.

This was not my favorite trip.  We had a wonderful server – Andy – I think.  He was attentive and responsive.  But all of our burgers were really over cooked.  We all went for medium and I don’t think any of them came with any pink at all in the middle.  Nevertheless, I will still go back and they will still stay high on my burger list.  But, they better keep it together or The Owl Bar will be taking their spot.
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