Marie Louise Bistro

This little gem seems to be often overlooked; I always have such a nice time.  It’s sort of hidden on Charles Street in Mount Vernon, but you can always find it in the summer with it’s plethora of outdoor seating.  The servers were adorable and super helpful.  They let us move an umbrella so we could have more shade, and they even saved us a table in the shade when we got to hot.

It was a warm sunny day, so we started with the sparkling rose.  For our first course, we had the charcuterie and cheese plate; a mix of house-made country Paté, French garlic sausage, rabbit fillet, and several cheeses – I think a brie, a blue and cheddar with pepper.  Their only downfall on this day, was that the food runner didn’t explain anything on the plate.

I was looking for a salad and went with the Duck Confit salad: “confit of Hudson Valley duck legswith mixed greens, chevre cheese, toasted pecans and aged Sherry Vinaigrette”.  Fantastic. The duck was rich and perfectly gamey.  My favorite part was that it was not overdressed, so the lettuce was herbaceous and crispy.

My friend went with the chicken entree.  It was a the entire half chicken, juicy and perfectly roasted.  The best part was the cone of fries – that were easily sharable.

We split a serving of gelato.  I had pistachio (which I didn’t like, I think I said it tasted like feet).  But they were happy to bring a second half in the cookies in cream that my friend absolutely loved – full chunks of oreos in cream vanilla gelato.

They do have an amazing selection of vegetarian entree’s – more than just the normal pasta or side dishes.  I love their Zucchini Louise pasta dish – zucchini ribbons tomatoes, onions, garbanzo beans, & lemon.  I want to go back for their wine and cheese Thursdays and definitely to try brunch.  In fact, I might stop in early one of these mornings for a coffee and a pastry.

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