The Other Corner Charcuterie Bar

We all know how much I love Corner BYOB and I often stop over at the Other Corner for drinks.  On this Saturday afternoon, I stopped in to their sister cafe/bar/charcuterie side.  It’s almost speakeasy-ish, in the sense that you could have a hard time finding it – that is until now, when I tell you to look for the giant meat cleaver. I wasn’t super hungry, so we just split a pork sammie and the charcuterie plate – with mortadella and sopressata.

IMG_2049We mixed our charcuterie with cheese (I asked for them to set it on fire, so we got the camembert…).  The meat and the cheese are fantastic, and this is the first place (oh, and there have been many…) that does not skimp on the bread and they give you about 19 different sides to dip and add to your bites.  Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but we had pickled jicama, apple butter, pineapple mint jam, honey, and some dried fruit, some fresh fruit… Such a nice addition, and really adds to the plate.  It really makes me feel like they want you to enjoy the meats in a brand new way.  Each bite can have totally different flavors.

IMG_2048The BBQ pork sandwich is also nothing to sneeze at.  It is huge and served open face style.  The pork was tender and juicy and had a sweet, but not super vinegary taste.  These guys are very inventive and top the pork  with a pickled coleslaw of radicchio and watercress on top.  My friend isn’t a huge fan of cole slaw, but even he agreed that it made a great addition to the sandwich.  The home made english style muffin was a great touch.

Believe me, I will be back – not just for drinks.  They have a $20 dinner that comes with the meal of the day, a beer or wine, and a side. Other Corner Charcuterie Bar on Urbanspoon

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