Gordon Biersch

I have such mixed reviews of this Harbor East sports bar.   I want to love them.  You can sit inside or outside and still see the TVs.  If you are bored of the sports, you have a gorgeous bay view and decent people watching.

It works well for my friends, because we don’t always have the same favorite teams, and some of us like wine and some of us like beer.  Gordon Biersch brews their own micro brews – (and I say this with slight disdain…) they have a rotation of “guess beers” such as miller light, brewer’s art and some full tilt options.  They have great specials during NFL sporting events and even better ones if your game is on during happy hour – like the most recent USA World Cup match.

Their food is decent sports bar food – burgers, apps and flatbreads are quite good.  My friends favorite is their egg rolls.  The prices get a little steep for what you get when it’s not happy hour.  The appetizer sampler drops from $17 to $11 – it’s a good deal at $11, but a little over rated at full price.  It’s not worth eating before you arrive, but certainly not worth stopping in simply for the food.

The service is where this place really begins to lose me.  Some of our people are spot on – attentive, present, proactive, friendly… But, just about every other time, I get someone who clearly can’t multitask with beers and water, let alone handle multiple tables.  I wish I could say this is only when they are busy – but that fact has absolutely nothing to do with predicting your service.  Plus, when I have asked for sound, I was told that it’s a “corporate rule” that they cannot turn on sound for games, yet they have it for all Raven’s games, for NFL playoffs, for Olympics, for soccer, for baseball… So, basically, when I asked if I brought in 15 folks to watch a college basketball game, I was lied to by the manager.  Or, the manager just didn’t feel like listening to my sporting event – even though there were maybe only 5 or so people in the bar not in our group.

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