Turps Sports Bar and Restaurant

I had high hopes for this spot; I love to watch sports and am always looking for a new spot – close with a large set of TVs.  I am finding lately that the number of TVs seems to be indirectly related to the quality of the experience.

My friend got the fish tacos – which are made with haddock.  The menu does say “no substitutions”, but when she asked for no beans – she was told that they will still be there, she can just not eat them.  How is that for customer service?  Truth be told though, her tacos came without the beans – and without a lot of flavor.

I ordered the small pizza – with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.  The pizza was average; lots of cheesy meltiness, but the crust had zero texture and was almost a little gummy.  The best thing was the crushed red pepper on the table.

I’d skip this place, unless you just want a can of Natty Boh while you watch a game, especially since most of the TVs are small and far from the tables.

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