Abbey Burger Bistro

For as much hype as this burger joint has received, I found it rather disappointing.  Although for the record, it’s not a terrible spot to grab some bar food and watch a game on one of the many small TVs.


First of all, I give them props for all of the options.  I thought for sure, I knew what I wanted and then I kept reading options.  Plus, if you don’t like the sound of their signature burgers – you can build your own – choosing from a variety of meats (or non meats), buns, and all sorts of toppings.

I went for the black and blue burger – a blackened burger topped with bacon and blue cheese.  I am avoiding my arch nemesis the french fry for the summer, so I added a side salad.  I asked for it medium, and despite my clarifying what Abbey’s medium was, it wasn’t medium; it was a little closer to well, nevertheless still juicy.  I thought the burger was good – but quite salty.  I like salt, so there has to be quite a bit, for me to notice… I might try a different signature style – and chalk up my disappointment and the salinity to the blue cheese and bacon.

Now, I get that this is a burger joint.  But, please do not offer a side salad if that side salad is just burger toppings put on the side of a burger.  It was shredded iceberg lettuce, sliced onion and a few tomatoes.  The dressing on the side was a separated oil and vinegar in ramekin that was too small to mix without spilling oil everywhere.

I generally wonder if “best” places can live up to their hype.  But, Hamilton Tavern always does.  Like the Tea Eats had a little different experience… So I guess we will try again!

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