Joe Squared

As much as I hate the Powerplant (I am 34 after all), I went for a Friday night show.  It was going to be a long and dancy sorta night, so we had to fuel up.  And let’s face it, Joe Squared is good – so good, I’m surprised they would open up a location in the power plant.  It is most definitely one of the better choices in that tired, drunkfest of a place.  And, I am not the only one who thinks so… 

They have a bunch of draft beers, but they were our of the few that I wanted – and the waitress didn’t seem all that interested in explaining the replacements.  So, I opted for a Boh.  I must say that some of my friends really enjoyed (and knocked back) a few of the sweet cocktails.  So, they have drink options for everyone.

The four of us split a large large large (16″ square) BBQ chicken pizza.  This pizza was exceptional.  It had a thin, crispy crust that was covered with mozzarella and cheddar.  The garlic cream sauce and cilantro really complement the sweet corn and bbq chicken thighs.  I am not sure how they do it, because the spinach and avocado are warm and covered in cheddar, but certainly aren’t burned or over cooked.  We finished every single piece.  They have a bunch of signature pies and a plethora of toppings if you want to build your own.

They have a ton of salad options – we went with the mushroom salad.  I wasn’t expecting it to be warm – but the roasted mushrooms came over a bed of wilted spinach and pine nuts and topped with red onion, roasted peppers and a hard-boiled egg.  I like that the dressing comes on the side.  It was a great healthy companion to the savory pizza.

We probably would have stayed a little longer – except for that dance party we were headed too…

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