Azul 17

Many of my friends know how much I hate to leave Charm City. I usually joke that the suburbs make me itchy – it’s not really true – but every turn in Columbia/Elkridge looks the exact same.  The streets are named after happy and cheery things or trees.
Nevertheless, one of my favorite friends lives there, so I go to visit her. Every once and while, we find some place with great food, despite that we were eating in a strip mall.  Azul 17 was quite surprising.  I went with a friend who is from Mexico and she agrees that the food is mostly authentic and quite delish.

We started with a pitcher of sangria – a mix  of both the white and the red sangria.  It was quite refreshing.  I am glad we mixed because, I fear the white alone would have been far to sweet. And the red might not have had enough flavor.

Next came the spicy guac, which they fix right at the table for you – so you can adjust the amount of heat and cilantro (should you be one of those weirdos that doesn’t love it).  It was good, I probably would have added a little more lime juice and salt, but we still devoured it.

As if that one app wasn’t enough, we went for the Queso Fundido Con Tequila.  Thank goodness all my friends spoke some spanish – this is basically melted chihuahua cheese flambeed with tequila and served with hand made corn tortillas.  We added the chorizo. It is sort of like a cheese dip, but the chihuahua cheese is melty and stringy like mozzarella.  I loved this, but it was a little tricky to eat with chips.  I think we were supposed to use the tortillas to make our own mini quesadilla style sammie.

By this time we were stuffed, but still had meals coming.

I got the appetizer chicken tacos.  My friend ordered the flautas, also with chicken.  And my two other friends split the seafood enchiladas.  I am normally a fan of trying everything, but I could barely eat half of one of my tacos.  But everyone raved about their meals, so this place is a recommendation.  If you can make to the county.
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