Canton Dockside

I have been here for drinks a few times and was never impressed.
After a First Thursday at Canton Waterfront Park, we were starved and wanted to grab some food close by.  I now remember why I am never in a hurry to get here. To be fair, we did not have crabs; they are known for their steamed crabs (Although, I am not sure how they can be any good all year round…)
We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather and prime outdoor seating.  The table was dirty with left over crab bits and it took at least 10 minutes to get our drinks – water and a few beers.
Their menu is quite uninspired – basic bar food at extraordinarily high prices. Their greek salad (which strangely comes with chicken, unlike any salad I have ever had in Greece) is about $13 and a frozen veggie burger patty with chips is $8.
IMG_1989 We struggled to find something that spoke to us. That is except my friend who ordered the soft shell crab sammie. The food took about 40 min to come to the table, even though by that time the kitchen was technically closed. The highly anticipated soft shell crab sandwich was edible, but she found it a bit oily and quite salty. The fries were super hot, but were your basic come from a bag frozen battered fries. I think I ate the most and I had three.
IMG_1990 I got the crab pretzel – which was huge and easily sharable. It was fine. I have had much better crab pretzels at Ryleigh’s Oyster or Hudson Street Stackhouse. It had some jumbo lump crab – which was not well shelled, but other than that, not much crab or old bay flavor.  It was basically just a doughy pretzel.
Two of my other friends ordered the clam strips – which were basically fried dough. The strips were the size of small chicken tenders, although the clams were not. Certainly the most disappointing dish on thing on the table.
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