Mr. Rains Fun House

The reviews of this spot in the American Visionary Art Museum have been spot on and quite consistent; it is overlooked.  And based on the evening we just had, that could be the only reason that they are closing.

I was lucky enough to score a great table for four with some new friends on their finale night.  They were serving a 4 course meal for $48.  They did have a limited choice on the wine and the scotch, but we had two really great bottles.  A very crisp and citrus forward Rousette de Savoie (2010 Jean Vullien) which was difficult to pronounce – and because of the v and d sounds in the name – we cheekily called in the Vin Diesal wine.   Upon recommendations from the bartender, we switched to a Gamay for the main course.  It was smooth, easy palatable with hints of cherry.

Let me tell you about the little doughy pretzelly bready goodness that they started us with.  I think we had about 3 or 4 baskets.

Next, I had the melon and prosciutto salad. IMG_1993 The spicy arugula and the sweet sweet watermelon went perfectly with the salty cured ham.  I loved this salad.  I almost considered licking the bowl.  It was fantastic.  The other starters – spicy heirloom tomato gazpacho (although, they might want to reconsider their spoon choice) and the sesame tuna were a hit as well.

Next, we had a great charcuterie board with venison sausage, head cheese, and a bunch of tantalizing meats.

IMG_1995For the third course, I had the pan seared salmon – flaky and perfectly cooked, served with a warm potato and spicy fennel salad.  It was great.  The root beer spare rib was the perfect amount of tender and sweet and came with an exquisite buttery potato side.  The winner of the evening was actually the one dish most of us steered away from.  The adobo pork belly.  Let me tell ya, this girl loves pork belly, but the server didn’t quite sell it and it came with coconut rice and collards, which did not excite me. Holy crap! The meat was fork tender, a little sweet and a little spicy.

Last, but not least was the carrot cake – succulent, creamy icing.  It might be the best carrot cake I have ever had.

I am so sorry that this was my first and last time here and hope that the team tries another venture, as I will become a regular.

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