Most of my friends know that I have this arbitrary rule about trying restaurants: “the 90 Day Rule”.  No tricks here… I simply like to wait until new places have been open 90 days.  I learned this from one of my favorite neighbors.  But, it works… restauranteurs and chef’s need a few weeks to perfect their menu and fix any weak links in the establishment.   I have been to a few soft and grand openings, which kind of breaks that rule.  And worse, sometimes, I don’t realize that it has been less than 90 days…

But, my friend had a party here so I broke it again this week.  These are the same folks who have Bond Street Social – so it is a similar concept.  Barcocina is Spanish inspired sorta small plates spot that new in Fells and on the water.  This place is huge and open, so you can basically see the bay from every spot – unless your mesmerized by the sports on the TV.

I plan to head back here, especially to see Harlan – he is a quite a funny bartender.  They have a lot of drink choices, although nothing was on special – so it was a little pricier than I had hoped.  I opted for a Sauvignon blanc – which is one of their 5 or 6 wines that come from a tap.  I think their regular margarita also comes from the tap and is a little disappointing for $12.  The spicy or smokey ritas on the other hand – much much better.

I didn’t get much food, but did nibble on some of their guacs and salsa choices.  The Barcocina guacamole was quite good, but I preferred the “Elotes” corn salsa.  The corn was grilled and mixed in a creme with lime and cayenne pepper.

As for the tacos – you might think you want the pork ones – it seems more normal.  They are fine.  But hands down, the mushrooms and/or the fish ones win!  Holy Crap they are good.  They are small servings though – so if you’re there with friends split few different choices.  They also all come with their own salsa or sauce for a taco topper.  I was a fan of those, not just because they were tasty, but also because they were served in square glass containers.  Make sure not to skip it.
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