Oliver Specks Eat’s and Drinks

Oliver Specks is good.  It’s not Corner or even Mezze good, but totally worth a try.

My friend beat the rest of us and ordered a appetizer of hush puppies.  IMG_1941 They were arriving the minute we got to the table. These were perfect, crispy corn bread fritters served with a tasty and enticing honey butter. Classic!
I like the decor of this place; a casual slightly country feel.  I mean – look at these plates… There are lots of chalkboards to show the menu (although not one for the draft beers?).  The space is slightly awkward, but it’s clearly meant to support family style dining – with very large wooden tables that seat about 20.

We actually went for “Burger Night” on Thursdays.  They offer their 16 legged burger (bison, beef, lamb and pork); a large patty served with (or without, if you are my friend Matt) pimento cheese, a sweet onion jam, and a dippy egg.  Both my friends got this yummy meaty burger and must have enjoyed it because they at every bite.  Well, sort of they ate all of the meat.  The only complaint about this burger was structural.  It had mostly soft, ooey, gooey, yummy toppings, but everything fell off the bun when you squeezed it to take a bite.

I skipped all the legs and went for the burger of the day – which for this thursday was  salmon filet, fresh spinach with tartar sauce.
I went for the fries; I had the best side choice of the night.  We didn’t finish any of the sides.  The fries were fine, crispy, but really salty.  The description of the baked beans was mediocre.  The creamed spinach was a little more oily than creamy and certainly lacked some flavor.  I love spinach – and have been known to enjoy my creamed spinach more than many a steak…

It’s worth a try – I will probably go back and try some of their other dishes. Although, I’ll likely wait till the fall; I can’t imagine I am going to be craving comfort southern food during the summer.
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