Ale Mary’s

One evening in Fells Point after “rehydrating” from Bikram Yoga, we were quite ravenous… The Point was packed to the gills and my friends were hungrier than Mezze, so we decide to walk.  Ale Mary’s isn’t all that far from the water in Fells, plus I was promised deliciousness.

You can get everything here, including tater tots made like 1000 different ways.  I almost went for the chicken cheesesteak, but ended up with the burger.  I like to try burgers in new places; they are a great equalizer for me.  It’s hard to compare short ribs at one place to scallops of another, the burger becomes the proverbial apples to apples…

My friend loves this place because they let you put a fried egg on the burger… It turns out he hasn’t been to Shoofly, Maggie’s Farm or Hamilton Tavern.  I chose the plain ol’ medium burger with LTO and a side a mayo.  It was a little well done for me making it a little chewy and dry.  The rest of my table was mixed – maybe the fried egg helps with the burger dryness??  I was a little jealous of the steak sandwich; a full steak grilled to your liking and topped with crumbled blue cheese and a horseradish aioli.  Actually, I was a lot jealous – much more appetizing than mine… Oh, did I forget to mention she added on the cheesy tots.

Overall – decent bar eats – I’m sure I will be back, but I might just stick to the drinks or the tots.

*pic courtesy of the Ale Mary’s site. Ale Mary's on Urbanspoon

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