Plates Restaurant

I bought the Living Social for this place when I saw the word brunch.  I love brunch.

I do not love Plates.

Had I realized that this was the place in the gym, I might have skipped the deal altogether.   We didn’t have reservations, but the place wasn’t busy.  Still, it took a while to get seated and even longer for the coffee.  And they said, they don’t have milk – how the heck are they making pancakes without any milk?

The menu was appetizing – several styles of Benedict and french toast.  Despite the fact that because we were there with a  living social, we didn’t get to see the full menu, I did get to peruse the abbreviated menu for quite some time while waiting for someone to take our order.

I should have realized that a 20 min wait to order isn’t a great sign that food will come out quickly.  I have to admit that I can get a little hangry when I a waiting for food, but I am not exaggerating.  I don’t really mind waiting for food as long as it comes out hot… This food did not.

I couldn’t decide between eggs and pancakes, so I went for both with the Big Bang Thank You Ma’am breakfast – pancakes, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage AND toast. IMG_1928It was definitely a hearty breakfast as the menu described – probably not all that heart healthy though.  The bacon was the best thing on the plate.  The rest was mostly meh…  The potatoes had way to much pepper, the eggs were quite flavorless and the pancakes were dry.

My friend wasn’t super hungry – but she couldn’t turn down the caramelized banana french toast.  I don’t think she even ate more than one slice – which is kinda surprising, since we are both usually members of the clean plate club.  You could clearly see that the egg batter did not fully penetrate the bread.  And the bananas were cold, and kinda slimy.


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