Blue Moon Cafe

It is likely that you have heard about Fells Point’s Blue Moon Cafe.  There have been many a stop by the Food Network.  I should tell you that this isn’t exactly a new place for me… but, it has been years, and I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.

I am lucky enough to have a spring break, I get about a week off.  It offered a perfect chance to hit this popular brunch spot without having a long wait – people have been known to wait an hour or two.  There were a few people waiting, but our party of two had no trouble getting a cute little corner table immediately.

Unfortunately, we got there a little after noon, and they were already out of their cinnamon rolls.  IMG_1902It’s good to know that they make a finite amount fresh every day, but sad when you miss them.  We settled for a biscuit.  Our waiter was sweet enough to keep the coffee and water flowing (although we had to ask a few times for milk – I might be a coffee fan, but haven’t learned my mom’s trick of drinking it black).  But, we didn’t come for the service.  It wasn’t an ooey gooey roll of cinnamon goodness, but this warm, buttery biscuit came with sweet, fresh berry preserves.

The menu isn’t extensive, but they do have tons of options for pancakes, french toast and eggs Benedict, including plenty of fresh fruit and non meat options.  IMG_1901They are known for their Captain Crunch French Toast – thick slices of bread encrusted in ground Captain Crunch cereal, served with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  I was expecting sweet, but it was a little more on the savory side.  This is my second try and it confirmed that I certainly wouldn’t wait an hour for the french toast.  Nevertheless, it is very popular.  It could be hard to live up to all that hype.  Maybe get a short stack and split on the table if your dying to try it?

Now, on to the highlight of the meal, their other specialty – Sweet Baby Jesus.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Layers of their crispy hash browns, lump crab meat, fresh tomatoes.  IMG_1897You can have your eggs any style… I, of course, picked poached, which were perfectly done – just the right about of firm white and slightly runny yolks.  All of that is smothered in hollandaise and in true Baltimore fashion, topped with old bay.  So basically, egg’s Benedict with crab over hash browns.  Are you kidding me?  This was the perfect combination salty savory goodness combined with the sweet tomato and crab.

We both agreed to skip the Captain Crunch and go straight for that plate of heavenly goodness and try the the apple and bacon pancake… Oh, and maybe some fresh fruit and granola.

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