The Point.

My friends love The Point in Fells.  I’ve met them a few times for drinks.  It was new bar that used Groupon to encourage folks to come in.  But with their prime location – the bar area can become quite lively.  Plus, now they have often have live music.

It was the perfect place to enjoy the gorgeous sunny spring weather in Fells Point.  If you haven’t spent a warm sunny day walking in fells, then I suggest you make it your mission to do so.

We went on a Saturday – when they have crush and bloody specials.  My friend got there early and was told an outdoor table would take an hour, yet she was offered a table for four after about 10 minutes.   She decided to wait for the rest of us, and after we arrived, we only waited a few more minutes for a perfect, slightly shady table on Ann Street.

I started the afternoon with a crisp fruity Pinot Grigio (have you noticed a trend, yet?).  My friends had the crushes and a bloody Mary.   The drinks were great – but, the service left something to be desired.  We continually debated whether she was high or tipsy since she seemed a little lost, especially when she had trouble remembering our orders.

I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I split the crab dip.  The crab dip comes in a very cute little cast iron skillet, there are large chunks of crab mixed in with the cream cheese base.  IMG_1913
The Point tops there crab dip with fresh mozzarella, making it extra special and delicious.   It’s served with plenty of toast points and three or four carrot and celery sticks.  I thought it was some of the better dip that I have had in the city.

My other friends were a little hungrier and ordered a few sammies. The grilled cheese was spot on, buttery, crispy bread with cheese, heirloom tomatoes and a basil pesto.  

It definitely beat the pork belly Bánh mì.  Tender pork belly with radish, carrots, water chestnuts, sprouts on a toasted ciabatta.  It wasn’t that the sandwich was bad, but it just wasn’t particularly the expected Vietnamese style.  There was mayo, but not the spicy cilantro style mayo and the veggies weren’t pickled.  We didn’t send it back, and they definitely finished it, but it was a little disappointing.  My friends are dying for some great Pho and Bánh mì – to the extent that they want to start a food truck to sit right outside their door – please, please give me some suggestions! 

I imagine I will be back – in fact, I have already been back for drinks… They have a great looking menu for both brunch and dinner.  The bloody’s are bottomless for $12, when you order an brunch entree.  Plus, I look forward to trying the many styles of tater tots and the mac and cheese.

I am working on remembering to take more pictures – in the meantime, enjoy this one from of the Sun’s Blog. The Point on Urbanspoon

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