Greg’s Bagels

IMG_1884I have been hearing for years that Greg’s Bagels has the best bagels in the City.  They are often winning awards in the City Paper.  It’s located in Belvedere Square Market; I often hit Atwater’s for breakfast if I am in that area.

But, on this day, I was hungry, in a hurry and craving a bagel.  I have heard about this place having long long lines – but in the middle of the day on a Saturday, it was smooth sailing.

They have a long list of different types of smoked salmon and tons of different bagels; plain, wheat, chocolate cherry, blueberry, etc.  Plus, they have every type of topping you could imagine – veggies, hummus, cream cheese, butter..

IMG_1885I opted for a flax seed bagel, dusted with sesame and spicy red pepper with egg and maple chicken sausage.  It’s not pretentious here – paper plates for here and they wrap your bagel in foil and slide it into a brown paper lunch bag if you get your sammie to go.  Their eggs are not cooked to order – it is more of an egg patty.  They forgot my cheddar cheese, but the bagel was so delish, I barely noticed until I was half done.

Believe me, how I have ever gone to Panera, when this place is two blocks south is beyond me.  It will never happen again.

Greg's Bagels on Urbanspoon

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