I should start this as a part one.  This was the last stop on a full day of drinking and eating in Fells.  Mezze is part of Kali’s Restaurant Group, which has taken over most of the block on Thames Street between Bond and Broadway.  It’s Greek & Mediterranean influenced tapas and small plates.

Mezze was busy, but after a few moments, we had 2 seats at the bar and 2 glasses of a beautiful, medium bodied Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast.   We weren’t super hungry, so we only ordered 3 plates – and I don’t think we even finished them, despite how scrumptious they were.

Based on the bartender’s recommendations, we ordered the duck confit – a savory, tender duck breast with a potato puree.   Next, were the lima beans – oven baked with onions and fresh herbs.

The one dish that we did finish that nightwas the grilled portobello mushrooms.  IMG_1887The mushrooms are marinated an then grilled and topped with some fried halloumi cheese. Halloumi cheese greek style brined cheese – usually made from a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk.   The also served it with small side of Tzatziki – made with Silifke Style-Yogurt mixed with roasted garlic, cucumber, dill & imported extra virgin olive oil.  The combinations was impeccable; the warm meaty mushrooms mixed with the salty cheese .  Thank goodness for the basket of fresh, warm pita bread.  I scooped up all the left over Tzatziki.

I hope to have a second chance to try a few more things on the menu – the falafel, the chilled beets and spinach pie are calling my name.

Kali's Mezze on Urbanspoon

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