The Oceanaire Seafood Room

I must say that I am really enjoying trying new places.  I would normally be at Talara or Wit and Wisdom for a happy hour in Harbor East.  Updating this blog has me trying The Oceanaire Seafood Room.

Not all of these new places are winners.  In fact, I have no plans to head back here, despite the extensive happy hour menu.  I can’t exactly speak to why I was disappointed – maybe it was a combination of the lackluster decor, sorry appetizers and mediocre service.

The three of us arrived shortly after 5pm and found plenty of seats at the bar.  The bar is large and includes a huge oyster bar – but I didn’t see a whole lot of oysters.  Based on the location, I expected a swanky upscale feel, but instead we were greeted with a more formal dining room space with large artificial fish on the wall.  I recognize that they were just opening for the evening, but this place was empty and a little boring.  I could have counted the other patrons with my fingers.

We were quickly greeted by the bartender and ordered our first round of drinks.  There is a large selection of drinks on the happy hour menu.  I had a generous poor of Pinot Grigio – crisp and a little fruity.

We ordered a couple of the appetizers.  I thought the portions were tiny, a notion reinforced by the fact that they were served on platters smaller than our plates.  The Red Chili Calamari was fine – about 9 pieces of fried squid with asian vegetables that were basically a red pepper and some cabbage.  Next we got the Blackened Fish Tacos.  There was nothing blackened going on – three bites of fish with unimaginative pico de gallo and a slice of avocado.   The worst dish of the night has to go to the Tequila Shrimp Ceviche – once again the portions were dismal and there wasn’t much flavor.  Plus, this chilled dish took longer to arrive than either of our other apps.   My friend even thought the chile dusted chips were Doritos.

The bartender was present and quick to ask if we wanted a refill of wine, but nowhere to be found when we were ready to cash out.  It wasn’t cheap either – two or three rounds of drinks and three appetizers were a little over $85.   I am not a huge fan of complaining about an experience without giving the management a chance to correct it.  In this case I didn’t, I was ready to get outta there, and I didn’t want to get a ticket.  I much prefer to spend my $40 at any of the other places on the circle in Harbor East.

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